API Terms of Service

The subsequent terms and condition administer your access to, and use, of our branded collective ‘XBOND API’ and the related documentation. The existing version of our current API is available at https://api.xbond.io.

1. Use of the XBOND API and XBOND API Documentation

  • API Keys essential to enter the XBOND API

    To commence the use of the XBOND API, you must primarily sign up for an account through our site or app. Some features and functionality presented through the XBOND API entail an authentication key. To use these features, you must generate requited API keys. You must not share your API keys with any third party. Furthermore, XBOND maintains the right to withdraw your API keys without consent.

  • License to XBOND API Documentation

    You are hereby granted a non-exclusive, revocable and nontransferable license to obtain and use the XBOND API Documentation. The purpose should be solely to expedite your development of applications.

  • API Call Limitations

    XBOND holds the primary discretion to limit the number of calls you or your app makes to our API at any given period of time.

  • Changes to our API

    We hold the right to change the XBOND API and XBOND API Documentation at any time and without notice. It is preferable if you review them occasionally.

2. XBOND API Use Restrictions

The use and access to API is only allowed as mentioned in the API Terms of Service. You are therefore, not allowed to

  • Develop applications that are duplicitous or deceptive, trespass on any third party’s intellectual property rights, are offensive, containing viruses or otherwise violate any applicable law
  • Amend, recompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise modify the XBOND API
  • Use the XBOND API in any manner that may intimidate the security or functionality of our services.

3. Data

  • Data That You Transmit with the usage of the XBOND API

    With this, you award to us an irreversible, global, non-exclusive, fully paid-up, transferable and sub licensable license during the term of use of the XBOND API to maneuver data and information, records and files that:

    a. you load, transmit to or enter into the XBOND API

    b. data that you collect using our API

  • No Use Rights to XBOND Data Containing any Personal Information

    You may not use any BOND Data that contains any personal information.

  • No Use Rights to XBOND Data Containing any Personal Information
  • Deletion of XBOND Data

    You will immediately delete all XBOND data that is no longer required by you or your API.

4. Monitoring Usage of API

You recognize and agree that we may observe your use of our API and that you shall not block or else interfere with our monitoring.

5. Communications Not Confidential

Your usage of the XBOND API necessitates the transmission of data and info over the internet including public networks. Thus, we cannot expressly guarantee the privacy, security or consistency of any communications made by you or your app through our API.

6. Ownership

XBOND data and all materials delivered by us to you hereunder are licensed by us and not “sold” to you. All rights not explicitly granted to you in these API Terms of Service are reserved by us.

7. Warranties and Indemnities

  • i. Transmitted Data Representation

    You commit that all transmitted data will only contain information which you have gathered with all applicable third party consents and permissions.

  • ii. Indemnity In Connection with Your Use of the XBOND API

    You commit to indemnify all our team from any claims with relation to your applications, your breach of applicable laws and your use of the XBOND API.

8. Interpretation

In the occasion of any conflict or discrepancy between our API Terms of Service or the Terms of Service, these API Terms of Service will triumph.

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